The first stove I bought was from Kathmandu and I was using that one for a long time until I realised how heavy it is compared to others on the market.


I then upgraded to the Macpac Uber Light Ti stove.

Weighing in at a mere 45g/1.5oz. Awesomely light compared to the Kathmandu stove that weighs 200g/7oz! It probably takes a little longer to boil the same amount of water than the Kathmandu stove but I never have it going flat out, I only just turn it on and do other things while I wait.

It’s a twist on and manual ignite stove but that’s what I’m used to anyway. My mini Bic lighter lives in the stove’s little baggy.


It doesn’t really matter to me what brand of fuel I use, only the size of the canister. I’ve found that even the smallest one lasts for weeks boiling water for dinners and maybe the odd hot lunch.

Pot Set


I used Kathmandu’s pot set for a long time with their stove but decided to go lighter when buying the new stove. Realising I only boil water most of the time for my meals or a drink, I went with the Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite 750 Mug.

This size allows me to store a small gas canister, stove, and sponge with some extra space. I’ve never had to boil any more than that amount so it works for me.

It weighs 105g/3.7oz.

This system wouldn’t work for everyone as you might want to actually cook something but all I do so far is boil water for my Back Country Cuisine meals or cook up pasta, noodles, oats, tea, coffee etc.


The only piece of cutlery I need is the Sea To Summit Long-handled Spork (link doesn’t show the spork, unfortunately). I also have my flick-knife if needed.

The long-handled spoon weighs 17g/.6oz so I imagine the spork would weigh just under that.

One of my favourite things in life. I love it so much! It took me a while to find in the shops but I eventually got it. That was such a good day! 😉




A mini Bic lighter lives with the stove in its bag and I have a cut-up piece of sponge/scourer in the pot for easy clean-up.

That water bottle is my 750ml “cooking water” foldable bottle that I use for my meals. I try not to use it for drinking water but it’s there if I need it.

I don’t think I’ve ever used that stove stabiliser thing. I don’t carry it anymore.

So that’s my hiking kitchen.

Feel free to ask questions or leave some tricks you’ve picked up.


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