Kellz Camping Poem

This could have been written by a 5 yr old but I wrote it and that’s why poem-writing is not my day job 😉

ANOTHER New Hiking Tent

Last week I invested in yet another hiking tent. It’s a Nemo Dagger 2P. I wanted something bigger than a one person but didn’t want to carry a mass of extra weight. This one fits the requirement at only 1.7 kgs total packed weight and if I wanted to go even lighter during the warmer…

Camp Set-ups Part 3

While I use my roof top tent set-up a lot, sometimes I just want a super quick, no fuss, basic, set-up which allows me to still use my car if need be.

Camp Set-ups Part 2

So, after doing a lot of research on some different types of camping styles there are on offer, from camper trailers, off-road caravans and roof top tents, normal tents to the humble swag or “bushie” set-up, I decided I didn’t like the idea of towing anything but wanted something more than the simple tent

Camp Set-ups Part 1

I guess I’m known as someone who goes camping a lot. I love it and I can’t help myself. Whether it be riverside, in the desert, bush or by the beach I don’t mind.