Nice To Meet You!

fullsizeoutput_23e1My name is Kellz and I’m currently in my early 30’s and a little obsessed with camping and hiking! I’ve been on countless camping trips throughout my life but I only really got serious about hiking (in particular, ridiculously long thru-hikes) about 4 years ago.


What Got Me Into Hiking

imageMaybe it was a movie? I know that Wild became my favorite movie but I was already into hiking by then.

Maybe it was the girl I met on a day hike while camping one time. She was packing up her tent that was just off the trail in a clearing and had this massive backpack! She told me she was hiking the Heysen Trail. I remember feeling so intrigued. The way she could have everything she needed on her back was crazy to me. That night at camp I researched the Heysen Trail and thought – I want to do this! I’m still gaining experience but I WILL conquer that trail along with many other thru-hikes I’ve researched. Excited for the future and to bring all of you along with me!

What I Could Do For You


  • Provide trip posts so you can get ideas & inspiration for your next trip or just laugh at my shenanigans
  • Gear review posts so you can make more of an educated decision about the gear you might want to use. You can find out what did & didn’t work for me and why
  • There’s also a Camp Set-ups series where I go through all of my camp set-ups, from swag to dome tent to rooftop tent to pop-up tent, to give you ideas and advice.

It’s all about learning new tips & tricks from someone new. You’ll get ideas and inspiration about hiking, camping and gear choice. It’s always handy hearing different people’s opinion on things like gear choice and what works for them. Reading about my experiences in the blog could stop you from making the same mistakes. It might give you a good idea of what to try or inspiration of where to go.

My Experience


I’ve camped for as long as I can remember (and no, I don’t live in the woods 😉 ) but there has always been at least the yearly camping trip while growing up. I’ve been on a fair few multi-day hikes now with experience camping “on trail”. You definitely learn quickly from doing this. I’ve had to set up in the rain and in the dark (and both at the same time) so knowing your gear and what you’re doing is key to a smooth & speedy set-up. It’s always a good idea to practice setting up your equipment at home before you leave and then if you can use a base camp, the night before your hike use all of your gear there as well so you know what it’s like to actually camp in it before you hit the trail.

On A Personal Note

imageI’m just a chick who not long ago got into all this hiking stuff and I still learn something new on every trip I go on, whether it be a simple day hike or multi-day hike. There are always new products coming out that are lighter, smaller, quicker, easier, new materials used etc. That’s why I wanted to make this blog and share my findings and experiences and start a dialogue with like-minded people. What works for me might not work for someone else but if we all share our little tricks and ideas we’ll be better off and have even more fun doing what we love.

Some Of My Fav Brands


Osprey – for my packs
Sea to Summit – for my sleeping mat, cutlery, and dry sacks
Kathmandu – for my sleeping bag, raincoat, and puffy jacket
Nemo Equipment – for my tent
Macpac – for my stove
The North Face – for my fleece
Icebreaker – for my thermals & underwear
Black Diamond – for my trekking poles and headlamp
Saucony – for my trail runners

Where Else is Kellz Escapadez?

I’m on YouTube which is exciting so make sure you head over there and subscribe to the channel! I post new videos every Wednesday (or try to) about hiking trips, camping tips, my newly discovered #vanlife, and gear reviews. I also made a series on my trek in Nepal! You’ll find it in the Playlists section.

Kellz Escapadez on YouTube!

I also have a Facebook page for you to like and follow. I post all sorts of hiking, camping and travel-related stuff on there. It’s also a really good place to start a conversation and engage with people who have the same interests.

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If you’re an Instagram freak like me (slightly addicted), make sure you check me out there and hit that follow button! You’ll see more of my personal life on there (which is pretty much just camping, hiking, and roadtrippin :D).

Kellz Escapadez on Instagram!

I don’t write articles on here as much as I used to or should but I’m hoping to change that so in order for you to not miss any future escapades here, hit that follow button!

Enjoy, and happy trails!