Gear Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my gear but before I begin I’d like to show you something I probably should’ve in my last post.

It’s about my new Nemo Dagger 2P in comparison to the Big Sky Rev 1P.


Not a lot of difference in size. Rev 1P weighs 1.1kgs/38.8oz and the Dagger 2P weighs around 1.6kgs/56oz. Total packed weight for it is 1.7kgs/60oz but that’s if you use Nemo’s stakes which I’m not. I use MSR’s Carbon Core stakes weighing about 5g/.8oz each.


You can pick up that handful and not even know you’re holding them. Much lighter than Nemo’s. I had to buy them when I got the Big Sky because that tent didn’t come with any stakes.

Ok, so I’ve upgraded a few things lately so I’ll go over them in order of purchase.

Trekking Poles

I got some Black Diamond Distance FLZ‘s and so far they are great!

They need a wash.

I’ve since done a few hikes with them and can’t fault them and I’ve taken them over some pretty unforgiving terrain including dirt, mud, long grass, rocks, and boulders. Very comfortable to grip and super light weighing in at 440g/15oz for the pair. They don’t quite fit in Ospreys “stow-on-the-go” system all folded up like that so I just unfold the middle section and leave the bottom section folded up clipped into the rest of the pole, then they fit fine on the pack when I’m not using them.


While I got my Nemo Dagger 2P tent I also invested in a good headlamp. We compared the weight, price, and lumens so I went with the Black Diamond Spot. I’m loving it! It’s small, light and has many features for its size including spot, diffused, red, dimmers on everything and strobe and can be locked so you can’t accidentally push it on in your pack. It uses 3x AAA batteries so I’ve had to swap out my spare AA batteries in the pack and put AAA’s in there.

I’m still experimenting with underwear, however, I may have just discovered my new fav socks. They are Icebreaker Medium Hike Crew cut and with them, I wear the liner socks. I might get some of the same socks but in a light weight for the warmer months.

With underwear, I’ve been using Icebreaker’s hipkinis and they’re good, nice & light, comfy and quick-drying with natural odour control being merino but I’m still going to try Exofficio.


Now, a fairly major purchase I decided to make was to get another pair of boots as my old pair actually don’t fit me anymore. I was getting over my trail runners even though I still keep them in my car for spontaneous hikes. I wanted a bloody good pair of boots, no mucking around. I got some of Italy’s handmade Scarpa Mythos GTX boots.

After some mud.

Tough as nails these things! I don’t think I could wreck them if I wanted to. Quite rigid with not a lot of movement. I’m noticing the weight in them after using trail runners but I feel secure in them. They have this awesome lace-locking system so you can lock the lower half of your laces nice & tight while you tie the rest of the boot. Super quick & easy to use. The only thing I’ve had to do so far is put heel cushioning in them as they felt quite hard on the bottom, center of my heels. I actually got them fitted properly and got the right size so I have plenty, but the right amount of toe wriggle room. Very happy with them so far.


I FINALLY got myself a good puffy jacket for hiking. I’ve been after one for ages and doing a lot of research on them before deciding on the Kathmandu XT Ultralight down jacket v2.

It’s one of my new fav things in life! I absolutely adore it. It’s so warm and so, so, so, extremely light! It’s just comfort in a piece of clothing and I’m in love. You get full movement in it with stretchy armpit material so it just becomes a part of you, it’s awesome.

To The Kitchen!

I’ve been researching hiking stoves for a little while and Macpacs Uber Light TI stove is one of the lightest on the market weighing just 45 grams! Compared to my Kathmandu stove that weighs 200g.


The Uber Light TI is TINY!!!  It’s so cute packed up and comes with its own little pouch which I also put my baby lighter in as well.

On the same subject of the kitchen, I got to thinking that even my pot set was getting a little on the heavy side and having only ever used one pot at a time to either boil water or cook what I’m about to eat in, I decided to go with a lighter one-pot system. I got the Vargo Titanium TI-Lite 750 mug.


This size allows me to store a small gas canister, stove and sponge with room to move. I’ve never had to boil any more than that amount so it works for me. This system wouldn’t work for everyone as you might want to actually cook something but all I do so far is boil water for my Back Country Cuisine meals or cook up pasta, noodles, oats, tea, coffee etc.

Now, last but most definitely not least…

My new pack! After getting annoyed with the size of my Viva 50L pack I bit the bullet and finally got myself a bigger one.


It’s the Osprey Aura AG 65 (65L) This baby should be with me until it dies. So much more room for activities! 😉

I know the lighter colour will show up more dirt but oh well, it’s pretty now. It’s super comfy with the “anti-gravity” harness. I haven’t taken it out yet so I’m super excited to get it in action! Pretty sure I did this to myself last year with the Viva – got it when it was fire-danger season and couldn’t do any nice overnight hikes in national parks or anything, although it’s not quite that time of year here yet so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get a few good hikes in with it and get it out of my system before the upcoming season.

Well, that’s it. All up to date now with my current gear. I’m slowly figuring out what works for me and what I prefer so I’m hoping that this stuff I have now will be it, THE STUFF, that’ll be with me on all my near-future hikes. I pretty much have everything I need now even though I am about to order another 3L water bladder, a 13L dry sack for my food which should be the perfect size for what I want and some more underwear until I work out my favs.

So that’s it. Stay tuned for future escapades! 😀


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