ANOTHER New Hiking Tent

Last week I invested in yet another hiking tent. It’s a Nemo Dagger 2P. I wanted something bigger than a one person but didn’t want to carry a mass of extra weight.

This one fits the requirement at only 1.7 kgs total packed weight and if I wanted to go even lighter during the warmer months I can with only the inner tent and poles or even just the fly, poles and a couple of my ultra lightweight stakes (Nemos are too heavy and bulky).


First pitch


It only takes me a couple of minutes to set it up which is great. Probably not as quick as my Big Sky Revolution 1P but that’s to be expected as the Rev can set up the fly and inner at the same time being an exo-skeleton style tent. The first time I set this tent up on my own it was dark with light rain so I had to learn to do it fast. No stress. Had my bed ready in no time. I was actually able to set it up in store, Paddy Pallin, to check it out before I bought it which helped.


It was then time for some dinner.

Compared to my Rev 1P it’s so roomy inside! I’m loving all the space for my gear and if I wanted to I could house my pack inside with me as well but the two vestibules either side are super spacious compared to most tents vestibules as they only stake out in the center whereas the Dagger uses two stakes each side which increases the vestibule space – brilliant.



Night 1

The first night I used the tent it poured with rain almost all night but I stayed perfectly dry and warm inside. The site I had to set up on was gravel so I actually used my little tarp as well as the footprint. After I set the tent up in the store I left the footprint attached for even quicker and easier setup.

A friend got me onto coffee bags which are pretty awesome and weigh next-to-nothing.


I got given this cute little tea brewer which you just add boiling water to and makes about two-three cups of tea. Something different.

Night 2

During the second night, some condensation started to build up on the inside of the fly and a couple of drops hit the mesh inner but didn’t get inside the tent itself. I had to be careful climbing in and out by that stage as the fly and door were wet.

Yummy yummy oats for breaky.

I left Adelaide Caravan Park and ended up pulling into my home-away-from-home – Mambray Creek for a couple of nights. Much better scenery!

Night 3

A nifty little feature I’m using every night is the light pocket in the ceiling of the tent made with a material that disperses the light of your headlamp to create a nice mood light for sorting out your gear or reading.


That photo gives you an idea of how much room there is inside. Plenty for me to sleep in the middle with stuff either side of me.


What a fantastic little tent. I’m so pleased with it and the fact that this one should do me for a very long time!


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