Camp Set-ups Part 3

While I use my roof top tent set-up a lot, sometimes I just want a super quick, no fuss, basic, set-up which allows me to still use my car if need be. I still love and use my swag from time to time but just recently I bought a pop-up tent. I was very skeptical of them at first, thinking they’d be flimsy with hardly any protection from rain, however, I’m truly impressed with the one I bought. It’s called a Malamoo X-Tra by OzTent.

It’s literally out of the bag and up in 3 seconds just like it says and packing it away probably takes about 6 seconds. It packs up into a flat disc 1m wide. It’s awesome. For setting it up I just throw it out and then peg the four corners down and set up the awning. I also worked out that if you want that down for a little privacy you can just grab the bottom of the two poles and cross them over on the ground to fold down the door without having to unhook or unpeg anything. Easy as! I’ve had that tent up during a 40 km/h windstorm and it surprisingly held it’s own. Folded in a little with the wind but popped back up and stayed put.


It has an inner lining built in that allows ventilation and stops condensation. Heaps of room inside for one person and plenty for two as well. It’s a 3-person tent but it’s nice to have room for bags and stuff as well.


It’s pretty much one of my favourite things in life at the moment. If I’m going to use that tent I pack a single blow-up mattress, pump and my Darche sleeping bag and use the pillow I keep in my car.

Getting Away From The Tent

Another one of my fav things is the custom drop-down bench on my tailgate.

If you can have one I highly recommend it! So quick and handy. I use it for almost everything from boiling a kettle of water for a quick cuppa to preparing and cooking meals. I only set up the table if I need a lot of prep space.

How I Pack The Car


If I’m going to use the Malamoo (which would lay on top of everything being nice and flat). Camp pantry tub sits on top of kitchen tub which is hidden in that photo along with a 10L water from Woollies (I like theirs because it has a nice tap and you don’t have to puncture it for air) in front so I can easily access it. I might want to chuck the table into the right of my chair (oh that chair! One of my fav things. Directors style with a table on the side, light as a feather – awesome!) and if I’ll need the solar panels they will go to the right of the table.

Pull up, throw the tent out, move my bag, grab the pump and blow up the mattress, throw that in the tent, throw the sleeping bag in and throw the pillow in; bed done. I stand the water up in front of the fridge and drop the pantry down in front of the kitchen tub so I can access them both, set up the chair and connect the solar panels if need be and set-up is done! Crack a can and relax 😀


As the one, big plastic tub wasn’t working for my kitchen & pantry stuff I decided to split them into one small plastic tub for my camp pantry and a bigger one for my camp kitchen.


In the pantry, I always like to keep a supply of:

  • canned meals (soup, meat & veg etc)
  • packet pasta
  • pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • rice
  • sauces
  • spices
  • recipe bases
  • pancake mix
  • canned veg
  • long-life milk
  • spreads
  • snacks (tin tuna, spaghetti, chips etc)
  • instant mash potato
  • Gravox
  • lazy meals (Mug Shot pasta, noodles etc)
  • tea bags, and
  • soup



In the camp kitchen:

  • frying pan
  • saucepan
  • plastic plates & bowls as well as one camp plate & bowl
  • kettle
  • utensils (can opener, tongs, spatula and ladle)
  • measuring cups
  • toaster contraption that I’ve never used
  • windshield
  • cup with coffee and a teaspoon in it ready to go
  • paper towel
  • disinfecting wet wipes (best thing ever!)
  • BBQ wet wipes (I use to clean REALLY dirty dishes)
  • oil spray
  • cutlery (in the rainbow zipper pouch – very handy!)
  • snap-lock bags in a range of sizes (I use them for everything!)
  • firelighters
  • and there’s a spare stove on the bottom on top of thin, plastic chopping boards I’ve never used


After I got the awning I started to look into LED strip lighting and I’m kicking myself for not getting some earlier!


They are awesome! I have two; one is a 1m white light with a dimmer dial and the other one is a 2.5m strip of whatever colour I want with a few settings for rainbow, strobe etc or just white. With both of them running along the sides of the awning it’s lit up like day time. They’re both 12V so I have a 2-into-1 adapter so both can run off one of my battery packs and the fridge can run off the other one. Highly recommend LED strip lights!

That pretty much sums up all of my gear.

My Favourite Camping Items:

  1. Directors-style chair
  2. Footstool
  3. Malamoo tent
  4. Waeco CFX40 fridge
  5. Custom-made drop-down bench
  6. Camp stove
  7. Darche 1100 Cold Mountain sleeping bag
  8. Chemical toilet

If you have any questions, tips or if you think I’ve forgotten something please feel free to comment. I hope you enjoyed this series 😀

If you missed the previous post head on over to Camp Set-ups Part 2 or start from the beginning at Camp Set-ups Part 1.

Thanks for reading!


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