Trail Runners!

Well guys, I finally got myself a pair of trail runners for hiking. I guess it took so long because I knew I had to try them on, go for a walk and really find the right fit and there aren’t many stores close by that sell trail runners let alone actually know what they’re talking about. As well as the usual handbrake – money. I also had it in my head that I was going to get Saucony as that seemed to be one of the best brands specialising in runners but it took too long to find the right pair and someone who stocked them for me to try on. I didn’t want a dark-coloured pair either because in my mind that would attract more heat to my feet and on my hot, summer hikes that’s the last thing I want. I know how hot my feet got in my hiking boots last time. Not good.

So, I ended up running with (excuse the pun) New Balance.

Trail Runners, Finally!

Β Β 
They are New Balance 810 Trails (I think).

They don’t have full toe protection which I was bummed about so hopefully, I don’t stub my toes really bad on a rock or something. Fairly wide around the toe area inside the shoe so I didn’t feel cramped at all and will hopefully allow enough extra room for swelling. Wicked tred. Just realised I forgot to take a photo of that while brand new, sorry. Plenty of mesh for breathability and hopefully quick-drying. There’s also gaiter attachment capability. I haven’t actually used my gaiters yet but I wanted that feature for when I do.

Ignore the socks, that was all I had with me.

The First Test

I tested them at Mt Remarkable NP, first on the Davey’s Gully Hike which is a beautiful 2.4 km walk with a gradual incline up to amazing widespread views.

The trail is mostly rocky as in the photos with some plainer dirt patches so it definitely gave the tred a workout. I had more confidence in my steps putting full faith in the shoes, and even stepping on sloped angles of rock which is not the smartest idea but it’s the only way to properly test the grip in the environment I was in. Never slipped once.

They’re very comfortable with a good amount of padding. I’ll have to learn the locking lace trick though as I felt the slightest movement against my heel which could eventually cause blisters. There’s supposed to be a way you tie your laces so that they lock your ankle in tight with no movement whatsoever. I’ll keep you posted on that.

My second test was the Baroota Hike. Same terrain but a little longer at 6kms. I did end up getting a blister but it was one from my work boots that the hikes had made worse so I don’t blame the shoes. When it heals properly I’ll be able to go on a longer, harder hike and really test their comfortability, support and how well the tred holds up.

Stay tuned as I plan to start a 3-post series about my camping set-ups πŸ˜€


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