Into the South Australian Wild

… for me anyway.

So I got my pack packed the night before. First time using my new Osprey Viva 50L pack and I’m impressed. You can tell they’ve really thought about the pack’s design because everything just works and feels natural. I also got a 3L water bladder for it as well. The Osprey water bladder design is awesome!

Trip Prep

Thanks to the Fitbit I know how many calories I burn so I tried to prepare heaps of trail snacks that would replenish them. I burn way too many calories to replenish with trail snacks, it’s just impossible, or I haven’t worked out a way yet but here are some I had prepared.


Obviously, I didn’t take all of them but one or two bags of each kind. They are serving sizes of maple cashews, choc coated almonds, natural almonds, peanut M&M’s, and dehydrated apple slices. I had some other things as well and calculated their calorie value in the order of most calories:

  1. Double dipped cherry ripe – 231
  2. Protein bar – 195
  3. Pop tart – 191
  4. Almonds – 181
  5. Cashews – 179
  6. Bounce ball – 161
  7. Choc almonds – 133
  8. M&M’s – 127
  9. Apple slices – 122
  10. Fruit snack – 70
  11. Cheese stick – 65

= 1,655 calories. NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH! But there’s no way I’d eat that many snacks on trail :/ You’d have to be constantly eating or maybe there’s a magic calorie bar out there I haven’t discovered yet.

Off I Go!

“Bye bye. Wish me luck!”
My plan was to hike from my house, through town,

Hiking through town like a weirdo :/
and a few km’s out to a place known as Black Hill. I’ve been 4wding and camping up there before so I had an idea of where it was and how far.

I also wanted to use the map I printed off Google Maps and my Silva compass


to direct me straight to it. I then realised that I’d be walking over top of constant saltbush…

This Saltbush native to dry, salty-soiled parts of Australia
So I cheated and checked Google Maps on my phone and saw that there were heaps more 4wd/dirt bike tracks all around so I worked out how to stay on them and have a fairly straightforward hike to the hill. My idea of mapping & compassing it off-trail didn’t quick work out but it was still good.


Shade & Snacks

Stopping under almost every bit of shade, this time to munch on some almonds.

My Pack

My pack going strong!
I love the fact that the water bladder slides down behind your back support and not actually inside the pack so you don’t have to empty everything out to access it and that meant I could keep an eye on my water consumption.

I was also able to ditch my bum bag and squeeze most of my trail snacks in the hip belt pockets. Happy days!

Also, loved the water bladders “bite valve” and magnetic clip. Very handy.


Not sure what the temperature was for that day but it was quite warm with a slight breeze which was nice.

Some roos popping their heads up keeping a close eye on me.

Finally Made It To Black Hill

…and found a spot on the North side a little more out of the wind and set up camp.

I saw so many lizard and snake tracks in the dirt but didn’t see any at camp which was disappointing. Saw a few baby lizards on the hike sprint into the bushes. They were soooooooo cute! I love them.

On the way, I ended up eating my cherry ripe, almonds, fruit snack, cheese stick and a few apple pieces. I ate the cashews in the tent after I had set it up.

Here are some screenshots of the hike from my Fitbit app for stats. Day 1:

Little Hiking Journal Notes:

So I made it to Black Hill and I actually took trail bike & 4wd tracks all the way here. Took longer than I thought and it was further than I thought as well. It’s a little windy up here so I had to try and find a spot out of it which I have done. It’s just a little breezy here. I’ve staked out my two vestibules so I don’t blow away. I’ve got a semi-private area near me for a toilet.

I’m pretty tired but the sun hasn’t gone down yet. I’m not really hungry which is strange for me. Just content being where I am I guess. My feet are sore and I have a few new blisters on them. I felt one coming on fairly early so I stopped and put a band-aid on it but it was cheap shit and didn’t stay put. Didn’t even know about the one on top of each foot until I slid my camp shoes on. I don’t think I’ve ever got blisters there from those boots before. It’s weird that I’m not hungry. I guess I can just eat the rest of my snacks later if I do. What a waste of me carrying dinner! Because I forgot my camera I was using my phone for photos so I made a voice memo…

Sorry, just had to stake out the head end of the tent because the bagginess was annoying me and I got into my thermals because it’s starting to get a little cool. Anyway, I made a voice memo saying how I don’t think chocolate is a good on-the-move snack because it sort of blocks your airways a bit, well it did mine anyway. Kind of clogged the throat a bit. I’m laying here on top of my S2S extreme thermolite sleeping bag liner (which is all I’m sleeping in tonight) on top of my S2S comfort light insulated sleeping mat and I can feel my legs almost burning! How awesome is that – products that do as they say. I should be warm enough tonight. Well, I’m going to lose sunlight soon. I’m just starting to feel like I could attempt to eat dinner so I’ll cook that I guess. 

Just had dinner. Cooked up a tomato Mug Shot and added a sachet of salmon pieces. Really yummy. Well bed time for me now.

Dinner Time

The mozzies came out like crazy so I scoffed that down, went to pee and got into bed.

I actually did get cold on whatever side I wasn’t laying on so I’m going to have to invest in a summer sleeping bag I think. The liner just wasn’t enough. Maybe it will be on a hot summers night but because I was up high and it wasn’t stinking hot I still felt cold. Wasn’t the best nights sleep.

Day 2

Next morning I had breakfast and packed up camp.


I went a slightly different way home and when I got to town I cut straight through the middle to my house because I was over it and aching all over. My feet felt like they were about to drop off and my legs could hardly move.

My faith in humanity was restored on the way through town though. A kind gentleman pulled over and made sure I was alright. He had seen me earlier chilling on the footpath under the shade of a tree and then when he saw me again he stopped and offered me some cold water. I don’t usually take hand-outs and I’m kind of stubborn that way but I knew I was getting low on water so I took him up on his offer. It was just awesome to know that some people still care enough to do that sort of thing. Much appreciated.

The Struggles Are Real

When I was almost home I was sitting in the shade again so I could drink the last of my water I heard a little female voice ask “Are you alright, love?” That was really kind as well but I told her I was fine and almost home. Starting to feel like a charity case I got myself up and got home. Made me feel good knowing strangers care πŸ™‚

So mission accomplished, sort of. Didn’t really need my map or compass because I had stupid technology. Oh, how I hate to love it!

On the way home after my pop tart, I ate another fruit snack, the Bounce ball, some more apple pieces, another bag of almonds and another bag of cashews.

Fitbit Screenshots Of Day 2:

It didn’t record as much because its battery died 😦 but it would’ve taken me longer but I’m not sure if I would’ve walked further or not. I’ll never know (well I could work it out but I’m lazy).

When I got home I soaked my feet in a rock salt bath which was awesome and drank a heap more water. I later got a migraine so I took some ibuprofen which actually made me throw up. Not good. I wasted the delicious kabab my Dad had made for me 😦

I feel normal today other than the fact my feet are covered in blisters and my legs still don’t want to work properly but it’s all good fun πŸ˜€

Again, really happy with the pack. Highly recommend it.

My next post will be about the stuff I’ve replaced or upgraded along the way.

Bye for now!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane Fernance says:

    A really good little trip Kel,done well, sorry to hear that you where sick. xx


    1. kellyanneb says:

      Yea I don’t think the ibuprofen agreed with me at all. Weird.


  2. Glad to know Poptarts can be found down under too. πŸ˜‰ Australia! Wow! Awesome fun! Thanks for the follow. πŸ™‚


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