Camping or Hiking?

I’ve been thinking (it hurt) whether I should write a few posts about camping and my set-ups with that as it’s not the season for overnight hiking in Australia so my blog would be stagnant, like the water around that hasn’t been fried by the sun yet.

I’m just not sure what to do about the hiking side of things. I’m not sure if there are still overnight hikes available to do with companies or something like that. I’ll have to do more research.


I go camping a hell of a lot, every break off work pretty much so I’d have a bit to talk about there. I’ve also tried a lot of camping styles and types so I might be of some help to people interested in that stuff and just starting out.

Please leave me some feedback or thoughts/ideas, anything. I look forward to reading them πŸ™‚ Otherwise, I’m just going to go ahead and post away about my camping escapades πŸ™‚


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