Mt Cavern Trek

I haven’t been able to do any overnight hikes due to the season and it’s really getting my down. The only thing I could do while I was off work was a day hike so I decided to do the Mt Cavern trek from Mambray Creek campground trailhead. It’s a hard one and I probably shouldn’t have done that one having not done a hike in ages! It just about killed me. I wanted to make this post because I wore my Fitbit so I can share the stats with you.

I started recording from the trailhead. I’ve done this trek before the signposted way and it was really hard, slippery and dangerous coming down that way so this time I decided to try it the other way and it was a lot easier! I started at 8:54. I actually wanted to start by 8 but I was running late packing up camp. They say it’s a 6 hr hike and I reckon I would’ve smashed it in under that if I hadn’t gone exploring up the top of the mountain, stacked it a couple of times and got a little cut up but it was still fun 🙂

Hike Stats


So they’re the stats from that day but I didn’t do anything else so they’re mainly for the hike I did.


This is that exercises page which I just called ‘Hike’ and you can see that as soon as I started my heart rate jumped up into the fat burn zone and stayed there or higher which is good for me to know 🙂 It felt like I really took my time, sitting on a rock or something if I needed a breather and having a drink. Sometimes I could hear and feel my heart beating out of my chest so I’d stop and have a rest for a few seconds before climbing again.

Happy Snaps

Here are some photos from the hike but they don’t really do it justice as most photos don’t.

I saw a baby brown snake cross the trail in front of me and heaps of skinks. Pretty cute. Heaps of birds and a roo or two. I always find it strange that they’d be up a mountain on such uneven ground but I guess they’re accustomed to it.


And this is my day pack. It’s got the 3L water bladder in it that I use in my hiking pack. Inside, I had a wrap I made to have for breakfast, some beef jerky, a jacket (have no idea why now), insect repellant, sunscreen, torch, mini multi-tool thingy, deodorant, and sunnies. Didn’t use any of it but I like to pack it just in case. I forgot to pack my first aid kit and I ate the wrap of course.


It got quite warm during this hike and 3L was JUST enough. I felt like I had to ration out the last bit of water to make it last. I’ve run out of water before and it’s the most horrible feeling!

So there you have it, the Mt Cavern trek, Mt Remarkable NP, South Australia and its stats from my Fitbit 🙂


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