New Sleeping Mat!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the Sea To Summit sleeping mats to come out and finally I have one! I went to Snowy’s in Adelaide last Tuesday and bought myself the Comfort Light Regular Insulated sleeping mat, as well as a few other things:

Stocked up on Back Country Cuisine.

I picked up so many that the sales guys gave me a box hehe.

Back To The Sleeping Mat


It weighs 580g/20.5oz and cost me $179.90. I got the Air Stream Pump Sack for $34.90 to inflate it which I found super quick & easy with only a couple of bags full of air and it was done. I also bought a S2S pillow for $44.95 which can be inflated with the Pump Sack as well. Definitely worth it as it can be used as a dry sack. I now have my sleeping mat and pillow in the pump sack to keep them together. I camped the night in Adelaide and tested them out and I’ve got to say I am impressed!


Both the pillow and sleeping mat were so comfortable. The sleeping mat is like nothing I’ve camped on before and will revolutionise the way hiking/camping mats are made if it hasn’t already done so. If there was only one issue with it, it would be the noise. It is fairly loud as it’s made of a type of plastic stuff I guess so you get the crinkle crinkle sound with any movement. Other than that though I absolutely love it!


Sea To Summit Comfort Light Sleeping Mat I got the insulated as I feel the cold a lot.

I decided to get the pillow because I was getting sick of wrestling with my jacket or clothes, whatever I was trying to use as a pillow and just wanted something comfortable to sleep on. It will add an extra 79g/2.8oz to my pack weight but I feel it’s worth it at this stage.

Link: Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow I got the regular. It’s a good size to fit in the hood of a mummy sleeping bag.

Sleeping mat accessories. I’ve got the Air Stream Dry Sack. Knowing me I’ll probably end up with the fitted sheet and air chair as well.

It’s exciting to think that in this day and age you can carry your home (bed, bathroom, and kitchen) on your back and you don’t have to “rough it”. You CAN be comfortable and thoroughly enjoy your time out on the track 😀

Looking Into The Future

I’m going to try and get an overnight hike in somewhere during my next break off work however now in Australia the fire season has started and the overnight hiking season is closed due to the risk of bushfires, snakes etc, but I’ll see how I go. I might not be able to use a proper trail or national park but I’ll find somewhere 🙂

Stay tuned!


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