My Gear In Detail

Just wanted to make a quick post about some of the gear I use in a little more detail.

What’s Inside My Pack

^ From left to right:

  • fleece wrapped in rain jacket
  • grey dry-compression-sack for clothes (by clothes I mean thermals for sleeping in, a change of socks and a pair of undies for each day I’m hiking. If I’m hiking with people I’ll take a change of shirt as well)
  • rain pants
  • yellow dry-sack toiletry bag (not quite a toiletry bag because it only has spare toilet paper, and a tiny towel in it)
  • sleeping mat
  • orange dry-sack for food
  • tent
  • footprint (plus rope, stakes etc)
  • kitchen
  • windshield and spoon

My Kitchen


The kitchen consists of:

  • a windshield I made from an al-foil BBQ food tray (which I haven’t had to use yet which is probably a good thing as it’s quite light and I’m not sure how it’ll go)
  • baby lighter
  • Kathmandu hiking stove (the lighter lives in the stove bag)
  • Kathmandu large and small pot set (with insulated handles, pretty important I think; I use the small one most)
  • mini Jetboil fuel
  • and Sea To Summit long-handled spoon


I put the Jetboil fuel in the bottom of the big pot and then the stove bag on top of that, then the small pot goes on top like a lid and it all fits in the mesh bag the pots came in. The windshield & spoon I put in a small zippered pocket inside my pack against my back. I love that spoon! I use it for everything.

My Food Bag


In this dry-sack, I keep a packet of noodles as an emergency option with no intention of actually eating but I know they’re there just in case. I organise this bag how I would my pack, such as putting the things I’ll want last down the bottom and working my way up to the things I’ll want out first like my first night’s main meal which would be something like a Backcountry meal or a Mug Shot etc. Then under that, I’d have trail snacks for the next day ready to go in my bumbag where I keep them for quick access. Below them would be my main meal for the following night and then some more snacks and so on.

For trail snacks, I’m favouring peanut M&M’s, flavoured cashews or almonds, cheese sticks, dried fruit, those fruit purée things you can see in the picture, banana chips, oaty bars, muesli bars and beef jerky. I’ve been looking for high calorie and in particular high carb snacks. After looking at the serving size for each packet I portion my snacks and put each of the servings in their own snap-lock bag. I keep all of the bags and use the biggest one for my rubbish bag.

Just recently I bought a Fitbit so that I could monitor how many calories I’m burning to know how often and how much I should be snacking while on the trail. I’ll probably go into that in more detail in my post after my next hike.

The Hood/Top Pocket Of My Pack

I probably shouldn’t store as much stuff as what I do up there but it’s all quite light and I haven’t felt like it’s put me off balance or anything yet.


From left to right:

  • Signaling mirror and safety whistle I got with my PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)
  • warm fingerless gloves
  • scrub gloves
  • flint
  • waterproof matches
  • earplugs
  • spare batteries
  • binoculars
  • first aid kit with lots of band-aids in it
  • gaiters
  • deodorant
  • 2-in-1 sunscreen and insect repellent
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • Kathmandu penknife with s-biners attached
  • Kathmandu head torch
  • PLB
  • Sea to Summit day pack
  • Sea to Summit pocket trowel
  • Garmin GPS
  • and Thorzt rehydration powder concentrate drink sachet

The things I use most out of everything there, are the toothbrush, toothpaste, trowel and head torch. I’d use the sunscreen in the morning and maybe the penknife of an evening to cut open food. A couple of times I’ve had to go for the first aid kit for band-aids while on the trail.

The Bumbag


In here I put all the things I want instant access to, such as my snacks (I have honeycomb pieces in that photo but I didn’t really like eating that on trail), notepad & pen, Swiss flick knife, Chapstick, whistle and camera (which is usually around my wrist anyway unless I’m using my trekking poles in which case it gets in the way on my wrist). The Buff would be on my head. The notepad I haven’t wanted until bed time but I still think it’d be handy to have in there. I keep my phone in that waterproof bag as well.

On The Outside Of My Pack


On the outside, I have a foldable bottle clipped on for emergencies really, and because it’s got geckos on it I thought it was cute. My trekking poles are there as well. In one side pocket I have my comfy camp slip-on shoes and in the other side pocket, I have a relevant map in a Sea to Summit waterproof map case and my Silva compass. I haven’t needed to hang anything off my pack yet which is how I’d prefer it. Maybe when I start doing multiple-week hikes I might have to but we’ll see. I also have a couple of s-biners if I need to clip on anything small. I might hang the socks from the day before on the outside somewhere to air out and alternate between the two pairs each day.

My Tents & Shelter


As you would know from reading my blog the top picture is of the first hiking tent I bought made by Kathmandu but I didn’t like the tunnel style and having the door at the head end.

I then went for Sea to Summit’s Specialist Solo shelter. Possibly a good shelter for ultralight hiking trips during summer but not in the cold. Way too much condensation wetting everything inside including my down sleeping bag and just not enough room to store anything except maybe shoes as you can see in the picture.

My latest purchase and hopefully my last, a Big Sky Revolution 1P tent. Only used it once so far on my last trip and it was pretty awesome. Really looking forward to using it again on my next hike. Roomy enough and with two vestibules and doors there’s plenty of storage space to keep everything dry.

Well, that’s about it for my gear at the moment. You’ll find links for my major purchases in previous posts. I’m waiting on Sea to Summits sleeping mats to become available here before I can buy one. I’m thinking about getting the comfort light thermal one… stay tuned!

If anyone has any comments or questions please don’t hesitate and I hope you enjoy 😀


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