A few more things before my next adventure

I lied at the bottom of my last post, whoopsie, I thought I went on another adventure before my next shopping trip but I couldn’t because of work so I’ve just got this little trip to Adelaide first.

My last shopping trip was on the 24th of August when I ordered the Sea To Summit Specialist Solo shelter.

Sea To Summit Specialist Solo Shelter

I received it on Friday the 28th which I didn’t expect. I opened the box and found the shelter, groundsheet and some Chupa Chups in there! It was awesome and I was so excited to try it out. I emailed Paddy Pallin and thanked them for the fast delivery and Chupa Chups ๐Ÿ™‚

However, as I was on night shift I had to wait until I could try it out which just about torturedย me!



In comparison to the Kathmandu Lansan Ultralight tent.

Links to both are in previous posts.

More Shopping

I went to Adelaide with a couple of friends on the 1st of September to have a “look” at some more stuff but mainly to help them out with what they should and shouldn’t buy. As I have a shopping problem and a magic MasterCard I don’t have to worry about straight away it didn’t quite go to plan.

We only went to two stores the first day, an Anaconda and Snowy’s at Mile End.

At Anaconda I bought:

  • Rain pants – $59.99 (I haven’t weighed any of this stuff yet)
  • Katadyn water filter system – $151.99
  • Ultra-sil pack liner – $43.99 (I keep this folded up inย the bottom of my pack just in case it rains heavily)
  • 4L Ultra-sil dry sack – $15.99 (for my food)
  • BC cooked breakfast – $11.89
  • Adidas slip-on shoes – $39.99 (for around camp as I found my thongs annoying with socks)
  • Fleece hoodie – $95.99 (what I wanted in the first place, feather-light!)

We then went to a store called Snowy’s.ย I hadn’t heard of it before but I’m sure glad my friend introduced me to it! It’s a great store for everything camping and hiking. There I bought:

  • Flick knife – $39.95 (I’d been after a good knife for a while)
  • Flexible bottle – $3.95 (I keep on the outside of my pack just in case, weighs practically nothing)
  • Resqlink PLB – $369 (major purchase without intention to use but at least I’ve got one now for peace of mind)

I wish I’d stocked up on those Backcountry meals while I was there.

The next day we went to Harbour Town and I bought another bumbag that’s bigger than the one I’ve got and has more pockets so it can fit more stuff and I can organise it better – $43.95.

That’s it for that one. Short and sweet. I promise myย next post will be about the next adventure I embarked on. A TWO-night hike. Working my way up ๐Ÿ˜‰ Stay tuned…


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