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If you’re interested in hiking, camping or the like, then you’re in the right place. Yay! I designed this blog with YOU in mind. The person who loves this stuff as much as I do or who is maybe just starting out and needs some tips & tricks, advice or just wants to have a…

Show & Tell – My 3-day Black Range Trek

Hey there! I just wanted to relive the past a little with this here show & tell post about my Black Range trek I filmed. It’s honestly one of my favourite hikes to do that is close by and a doozy! Watching the videos I made of this hike always cracks me up so I’ll…

My New Big Sky Chinook 2P Ultralight Hiking Tent

Yep, I got another tent… Now, don’t get me wrong, the Nemo Dagger 2P was a bloody great tent! However, I used to have a Big Sky Revolution 1P and I loved the “exoskeleton” design of that tent but I didn’t like the size so I researched a ton of other 2P tents that were…

How to do Hidden Gorge as an Overnight Hike

Why hello, you amazing person, you! Hidden Gorge is in Mt Remarkable NP and the trailhead is near the Mambray Ck campground, off the Port Augusta Highway, South Australia. Recently, I got my overnight hike gear organised (check out the vid here) and packed it ready to take on Hidden Gorge as an overnight hike….

Apologies​ For My Absence

Hey guys! I hope this finds you all well. It’s been a long time since I’ve shown this site some love and that’s not coo (said like Cartman from South Park). There are a few draft posts sitting there that I really need to finish and publish for you guys. I also have a post…


Hey guys! Sorry, it’s been a long time but a lot has been happening in the world of Kellz Escapadez. Since my last post, I have been asked to blog for Snowys and have just recently had my first post published on their site! You can check it out here. Please hit that thumbs up….

Mambray to Alligator Gorge & Back

It’s been sooooooooo long since I’ve done a decent hike and haven’t even used my new pack properly yet so, during my days off work I made a plan to do the Alligator Gorge hike from Mambray Creek. Even though I’ve already done it I just wanted to use my pack, get out there and…

Kellz Ultimate Day Hike Packing List

As you know, there are a few things that we simply can’t or shouldn’t go on a day hike without (depending on the length and/or difficulty), so I just wanted to make a ‘Kellz ultimate day hike packing list’ for you. One of these things is, of course, a backpack. My Pack My day pack…

Kellz Camping Poem

This could have been written by a 5 yr old but I wrote it and that’s why poem-writing is not my day job 😉

Saucony Peregrine 6s Conquer Mt Lofty

When you find heaven in a shoe! That was my first thought when I tried on the Saucony Peregrine 6s. So comfortable with the perfect fit. I couldn’t believe it! Plus, I was in a Kathmandu store and did not expect to find ANY trail runners in there. Previous Purchases Ok, for those who don’t…

Gear Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my gear but before I begin I’d like to show you something I probably should’ve in my last post. It’s about my new Nemo Dagger 2P in comparison to the Big Sky Rev 1P. Not a lot of difference in size. Rev 1P weighs 1.1kgs/38.8oz and the…

ANOTHER New Hiking Tent

Last week I invested in yet another hiking tent. It’s a Nemo Dagger 2P. I wanted something bigger than a one person but didn’t want to carry a mass of extra weight. This one fits the requirement at only 1.7 kgs total packed weight and if I wanted to go even lighter during the warmer…

St Mary Peak Hike with Friends

A little while ago now I grabbed two of my friends and dragged them along to conquer St Mary Peak with me, the tallest mountain in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, standing at 1,170 m. The Plan …was to set up a base camp in Wilpena Pound Resort and take two days to do the…

Black Range Trek

There was one overnight hike I had left to do in Mt Remarkable National Park and that was the Black Range Trek – 48kms return from Mambray Creek.

Camp Set-ups Part 3

While I use my roof top tent set-up a lot, sometimes I just want a super quick, no fuss, basic, set-up which allows me to still use my car if need be.

Camp Set-ups Part 2

So, after doing a lot of research on some different types of camping styles there are on offer, from camper trailers, off-road caravans and roof top tents, normal tents to the humble swag or “bushie” set-up, I decided I didn’t like the idea of towing anything but wanted something more than the simple tent

Camp Set-ups Part 1

I guess I’m known as someone who goes camping a lot. I love it and I can’t help myself. Whether it be riverside, in the desert, bush or by the beach I don’t mind.

Trail Runners!

Well guys, I finally got myself a pair of trail runners for hiking. I guess it took so long because I knew I had to try them on, go for a walk and really find the right fit

Gear Replacements and Upgrades

Thought I’d make a post about the specific things I replaced with something different or upgraded. It might save some people time and money

Into the South Australian Wild

… for me anyway. So I got my pack packed the night before. First time using my new Osprey Viva 50L pack and I’m impressed.

Here’s hoping

I’m hoping that this weekend will be my first non-trail, map & compass-guided hike through the scrub so wish me luck. If I can go you can be sure I’ll post about it so stay tuned! 😀

Camping or Hiking?

I’ve been thinking (it hurt) whether I should write a few posts about camping and my set-ups with that as it’s not the season for overnight hiking in Australia so my blog would be stagnant, like the water around that hasn’t been fried by the sun yet.

Mt Cavern Trek

I haven’t been able to do any overnight hikes due to the season and it’s really getting my down. The only thing I could do while I was off work was a day hike so I decided to do the Mt Cavern trek

New Sleeping Mat!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for the Sea To Summit sleeping mats to come out and finally I have one!

My Gear In Detail

Just wanted to make a quick post about some of the gear I use in a little more detail.