Welcome to Kellz Escapadez!

If you’re interested in hiking, camping or the like, then you’re in the right place. Yay!


I designed this blog with YOU in mind. The person who loves this stuff as much as I do or who is maybe just starting out and needs some tips & tricks, advice or just wants to have a giggle at my mistakes 😉

I also encourage you to add your own tips or questions in the comments of the posts.

This blog features hiking, whether it be day hikes or longer multi-day hikes, camping set-ups & tips, and some gear reviews on what I’ve used. Hopefully, you’ll join me on my journey.

Why (I Hope) You’ll Love This Blog!


Besides the hella cute kangaroos…

I’ve done (and still doing) the hard work for you. SWEET! I’ve tried some pretty shitty things and figured out they just don’t work or upgraded some things to better suit my needs and explained why so you know exactly where I’m coming from. This might be extremely handy for you – the reader – the one I made this blog for.

My dream for this blog is that it becomes a go-to site for like-minded people to share their experiences, tips & tricks they’ve learned and to just have a chat with everyone here.

So, make a cuppa or grab a nice coldie from the fridge (or cooler if you’re camping right now), and spend a while looking around.

Where To Now?


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  • Or maybe you just can’t get enough of those gear posts.

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